Michelle Bowyer & Dana Dobbie Discuss Women’s Box Lacrosse, World Championship Inclusion

by Thomas McNeeley Dec 20, 2021

The push to get women’s box lacrosse in the World Championship rotation has begun. Michelle Bowyer & Dana Dobbie have spearheaded the movement to have a women’s box game represented on an international level. 

Team Canada player Dana Dobbie told LSN’s Tom Eschen “I grew up playing box lacrosse in Canada… That’s when I first fell in love with the sport. And then it hits you in your teenage years when someone tells you there is no future in box lacrosse for girls or women… The boys have that opportunity to represent their countries… We’re losing out on the women’s side of things.”

Some of the next steps in the movement will include continuing to grow the box game. Getting more countries involved and attracting new players to the indoor version of the sport. Michelle Bowyer stated how they completed a survey that showed them how many women do not know much information about this version of the game. 

“We asked athletes what was holding them back from playing the game of box. One of the key things they talked about was information. They just weren’t finding out about who else was playing, where there are leagues, where there are opportunities. Our role, as we see it, is to really push that information out.”

The goal is to show that a world championship is possible and that women all over the world can be excited about the future. A light at the end of the tunnel for these athletes. Box lacrosse can also help players improve their field game as we have seen many athletes in the past prove that you can be successful in both versions of the game.

“There is no arguing that if you have your roots in the box game you’re going to be a more proficient field player and a better sixes player… Now it’s just a matter of people starting to pay attention to the success box players are having in the field game and now in the sixes game… Box is the core to all this and it will make players more successful.” Chair of the Women’s Box Lacrosse Working Group Michelle Bowyer is optimistic for the future of box lacrosse in the World Championship.

As the sport of lacrosse continues to grow, it is inevitable that the version of box lacrosse continues to as well. The future is bright for the indoor game and one day it will hopefully be represented at the World Championships.

You can watch the full interview on YouTube.

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