Team USA Players Looking Forward to Super Sixes Weekend

by Jon Maclean Oct 23, 2021

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USA Lacrosse Headquarters will be busy again this weekend with the Super Sixes Lacrosse event that will feature the men’s and women’s national teams from the U.S., Canada, and Haudenosaunee. The Fall Classic and Brogden Cup games were played in Sparks, Maryland just last weekend and now the Sixes version of the game will be on full display there beginning Saturday.

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USA Lacrosse team members Rachel Hall and Liam Byrnes told Lax Sports Network’s Tom Eschen that they were excited to get on the field this weekend and play the version of the game that may one day end up in the Olympics. World Lacrosse has been working toward gaining approval for Sixes lacrosse for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles.

What They’re Saying About Sixes

Byrnes, who plays defense for Premier Lacrosse’s Waterdogs and the NLL’s Panther City, has some limited exposure to Sixes. He told Eschen, “It’s just such a unique playing style; it’s like a hybrid of field lacrosse and box lacrosse… It’s also most similar to basketball where you can’t back up your shot…it’s a quick restart after a goal where the goalie just picks it up and he clears it.”

Hall, a senior goalie for the 2021 NCAA Women’s National Champions, Boston College Eagles is looking forward to getting in net this weekend. “It’s just such a fun format…the biggest difference to me is if I get scored on in a regular format, not Sixes, you have that time from when you get scored on to the next draw to really think about the goal that went in. For Sixes, it kind of frees up my mind, which I personally love.” She continued, “I could let in a fast break goal and then I could pick it up, and if I get that clear out fast enough, it’s a fast break the other way.”

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Byrnes went on to talk about the speed of the game, “Honestly it’s so much up and down. It’s way less contact than box is, but I think it’s a great playing style that younger kids should be playing, and I think it’ll be received pretty well internationally because it is so fast-paced…”

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