Syracuse attacker Emma Ward has lofty goals for 2022

by Jon Maclean Oct 14, 2021

When Lax Sports Network Host Tavis Eldridge spoke to Emma Ward in a recent interview you could feel her energy and confidence. Ward who had 43 goals and 30 assists last season for Syracuse is ready to get down to business and begin a new year with new teammates commenting, “It’s exciting to get to go out and play with a bunch of new people, get to know some new people both on and off the field and formulate new relationships and become the team that’s going to win the national championship in 2022.”

Impactful Events for Ward and the Program

The Syracuse sophomore is coming off a 2021 season where she and her Orange teammates ended up one game shy of being crowned national champions. Boston College defeated Syracuse 16-10 last May.

Despite the loss, Ward said making it to the title game is valuable experience and gives the whole team confidence. “Last year we were able to get to that game and when we work together and play Syracuse lacrosse we’re able to put our best foot forward, and be a national championship level team…taking those same dynamics and applying them this fall and building upon them so we can finally get over the finish line in the spring.”

Ward also watched the ‘Cuse program make some huge changes this past summer. Lacrosse legend and Head Coach, Gary Gait stepped down from the women’s program and will now coach the men’s team. Former Syracuse star, Kayla Treanor (2013-2016), filled the vacancy.

Ward told Eldridge, “Kayla has been awesome. She’s really brought a lot of life into our team. We’ve been learning a lot, doing new things, and there’s a lot of new expectations.” She also said Gait’s presence is still being felt. “Having Coach Gait still around, popping by practice, still slinging the sticks around has been so much fun-definitely a change, but a very good chance for our team.”

More with Ward

Emma Ward addressed many more topics in her interview with Lax Sports Network including:

  • The differences in coaching styles of Gait Gait and Kayla Treanor
  • What was Gary Gait’s message to the Syracuse women’s team before he left?
  • Adding highly productive teammates who were injured last year back into the mix this year

Watch her full interview here.

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