Inside Lacrosse 2022 Preseason Media All-American Women’s Team

by Bailey Kennedy Jan 21, 2022

Inside Lacrosse Announced its 2022 Preseason Media Women’s All-Americans this week with 5 North Carolina Tar Heels being selected to the 1st team All-American list in Jamie Ortega, Olivia Dirks, Ally Mastroianni, Emma Trenchard, and Taylor Moreno. 

Not only did North Carolina have the most 1st team All-American selections the Tar Heels had the most players put on the All-American list with 9, the four other players were Andie Aldave, Caitlyn Wurzbger, Scottie Rose Growney, and Emily Nalls. Aldave and Wurzburger were voted 3rd Team All-Americans while Growney and Nalls were both honorable mentions.

The defending national champions Boston College had 7 players listed on the All-American list but had just one 1st Team All-American choice and of course that one selection was arguably the face of Lacrosse right now in men’s or women’s Charlotte North. Along with North being 1st team selection, the Eagles did have 3 players chosen to the second team in Belle Smith, Hollie Schleicher & Courtney Taylor. The Eagles also had Sydney Scales as a 3rd team selection and Jenn Medjid and Hunter Roman were both honorable mentions. 

Of the 62 players selected to the preseason All-American list, three of them did not play a single game of college lacrosse last season, as they all played in the Ivy League last season who did not compete. All three of them made an All-American team with two current Princeton Tigers making 1st and 2nd team in Defender Marge Donovan (1st), and Attacker Kyla Sears (2nd). The other selection was former UPenn defender Abby Bosco who has transferred to Maryland to finish out her college career she was a 3rd team All-American selection. 

Of the 62 players selected to the preseason All-American list 32 players play in the ACC. Yes over half the players mentioned on the list play in the ACC that’s absurd! And of the 39 Players selected to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd teams 19 players are from the ACC. 

The CAA had four players chosen to the All-American list with Drexel and James Madison each having two players selected each. James Madison had goalie Molly Dougherty chosen to the 3rd team and defender Rachel Matey is an honorable mention. The Dragons had midfielder Karson Harris selected to 3rd team All-American and Colleen Grady was an honorable mention as well.

You can read the whole Inside Lacrosse article here.

1st Team

A Emily Hawryschuk, Syracuse 

A Charlotte North, Boston College 

A Jamie Ortega, North Carolina 

A Meaghan Tyrrell, Syracuse 

DR/A Maddie Jenner, Duke 

M Olivia Dirks, North Carolina

M Ally Mastroianni, North Carolina

M Sydney Watson, UConn 

D Sarah Cooper, Syracuse 

D Katie Detwiler, Loyola 

D Marge Donovan, Princeton

D Emma Trenchard, North Carolina

G Taylor Moreno, North Carolina

2nd Team

A Ali Baiocco, Stanford 

A Lauren Gilbert, Northwestern

A Livy Rosenzweig, Loyola 

A Kyla Sears, Princeton 

DR/M Brennan Dwyer, Northwestern

M Kasey Choma, Notre Dame

M Belle Smith, Boston College

M Sam Swart, Syracuse 

D Meghan Ball, Rutgers 

D Ally Palermo, Northwestern

D Hollie Schleicher, Boston College

D Courtney Taylor, Boston College

G Sarah Reznick, Florida

3rd Team

A Andie Aldave, North Carolina

A Aurora Cordingley, Maryland

A Hannah Leubecker, Maryland 

A Caitlyn Wurzburger, North Carolina

DR/M Jill Girardi, Northwestern

M Caroline Blalock, Louisville

M Karson Harris, Drexel 

M Cassidy Spilis, Rutgers 

D Abby Bosco, Maryland 

D Rayna Sabella, Stony Brook

D Sydney Scales, Boston College

D Sam Thacker, Denver 

G Molly Dougherty, James Madison

Honorable Mention

A Madison Ahern, Notre Dame

A Bea Behrins, Denver 

A Megan Carney, Syracuse 

A Erin Coykendall, Northwestern

A Sarah Elms, Jacksonville

A Colleen Grady, Drexel 

A Scottie Rose Growney, North Carolina

A Maddie Howe, Notre Dame 

A Jenn Medjid, Boston College

A Emma Ward, Syracuse 

A Jackie Wolak, Notre Dame 

DR/A Molly Brock, Jacksonville

M Annie Dyson, Virginia 

M Grace Griffin, Maryland 

M Bri Gross, Vanderbilt 

M Paige Petty, Pittsburgh 

M Emma Tyrrell, Syracuse 

D Rachel Matey, James Madison

D Annika Meyer, Johns Hopkins

D Emily Nalls, North Carolina 

D Hunter Roman, Boston College

D Brittney Wright, Richmond 

G Bridget Deehan, Notre Dame

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