PCW ULTRA | Vamonos Bang! Bang!

From the “Infamous” Memorial Hall in Los Angeles... Witness the First-Time-Ever MAIN EVENT battle between PSYCHO CLOWN and the reigning “ULTRA CHAMPION" JACOB FATU (c), with “The Inventor Of Sports Terrorism” JOSEF SAMAEL, in his corner! Choose your side in the TAG TEAM GRUDGE MATCH between POWER & PRIVILEGE vs GRIZZ BROADY/KEVIN KOA. Prepare for an intense battle for the “ULTRALIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP" as TITUS ALEXANDER goes head-to-head against the "Bounty Hunter" BRYAN KEITH (c) ULTRAWOMAN DEBUTS: New comer ZAMAYA takes on the fierce SANDRA MOONE. Don't miss the high-flying collision between KC NAVARRO and REY LEON in an Ultralight Clash. Experience a heavyweight hoss fight between BAD DUDE TITO and JUICY FINAU. Plus, see the legendary RHYNO inside the ULTRA ring! This is a night of thrilling, action-packed entertainment that you won't want to miss!

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