PCW ULTRA | Saturday Night Special

From the “Infamous” Memorial Hall in Los Angeles... Witness a “FIRST TIME EVER” matchup between MOOSE and the reigning “ULTRA CHAMPION" JACOB FATU (c) with “The Inventor Of Sports Terrorism” JOSEF SAMAEL, in his corner! Catch the REMATCH of CLAS vs GRIZZ BROADY. WITNESS THE DEBUT of KEVIN KOA as he faces DEVIN RENO. See “IMPACT STAR” KiLYNN KING challenge VIVA VAN (c) for the “ULTRA WOMAN CHAMPIONSHIP.” MYRON REED goes head-to-head against the "Bounty Hunter" BRYAN KEITH for the ULTRALIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Plus, “The FRANCHISE” SHANE DOUGLAS inside the ULTRA ring! Another night of thrilling, action-packed entertainment that you won't want to miss!

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