Something To Write Home About | Season 9 Episode 2

Coming right back at ya from a SOLD OUT Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA, it is the second episode of SOMETHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT, Enjoy Wrestling's debut series on WREMIX! And this week is all about grudge matches. Enjoy Wrestling Tag Team Champions DEREK DILLINGER and ZIGGY HAIM have been harassing our commentator VEDA SCOTT for months. But now Veda and their partner SPEEDBALL MIKE BAILEY get their chance at redemption when BIRD LAW challenges THE PRODUCTION for those belts in a wild, anything goes, spectacle. Also, more than a year after burying him alive, "The Gavel" DAVID LAWLESS promises to square off with MR. GRIM one-on-one. Lawless is not known to be especially brave, so who knows what this devious lawyer has up his sleeve? Enjoy Wrestling continues to rock on WREMIX THIS TUESDAY at 8PM ET!

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