Sunday, April 9th, 2017 From Toronto, Ontario, Canada Pre-Show: "Man-Up" Hardcore Clusterfuck [Vandercruz in-ring debut] Pre-Show: TOHST feat. VIKING Pre-Show: Jesse F'in Amato vs Josh Alexander -Vampiro talks InvasionTV and remembers AAA's Joaquin Roldan Mixed Tag: -Carter Mason and Kaitlin Diemond vs Gabriel Fuerza and Alexia Nicole Deathproof Drunkweight Title: -Greed(c) vs Space Monkey vs Jake Crist -- Banana on a Pole Match -Hacker Scotty O'Shea and Super Smash Bros. vs Freddie Mercurio, Quefka the Quiet and Argus -Hipstar & VIKING continue the search Hardcore Match: -"Hipstar" Zakk Atticus w/ Jay Moore vs VIKING Premier Championship: -Sami Callihan vs Desean Pratt(c)

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