DEFY Death Rider

Witness the return of the Death Rider, “JON MOXLEY” versus handpicked opponent “DEFY ACE” ARTEMIS SPENCER. Fresh off a succesful DEFY Women’s World Championship defense in Japan VERT VIXEN returns to Washington Hall to face 18 year old sensation BILLIE STARKZ. Tag champs BOLLYWOOD BOYZ battle English upstarts BILLINGTON BULLDOGS. Two FATAL FOUR way matches decide the finalists in the SUPER 8XGP - SCHAFF vs. TRAVIS WILLIAMS vs. CODY CHHUN vs. TITUS ALEXANDER and GUILLERMO ROSAS vs. CLARK CONNORS vs. EVAN RIVERS vs. ETHAN HD. Plus, CURRY MAN dishes out just deserts in a match with MILES DEVILLE (with TARA ZEP).

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