• Otherworldly Music Video SPA Awards

    Apr 28, 2022 | Otherworldly by Adrianna Viera and filmed by Dan Morales is a collaborative piece that successfully brings together a John J Cali and School of Communication and Media student. This video premiered during the SPA presentation. A passion project for both Viera and Morales, this music video is a true testament to the talents at Montclair State University. DIRECTOR, DP, EDITOR Dan Morales ASSISSTANT DIRECTOR Fabby Prescott COMPOSER & WRITER Adrianna Viera AUDIO ENGINEER Mason Minetti SINGER Casey Gorab SAXOPHONIST Alexandre Desrivieres GUITARIST Derick Campos BASSIST Nathaniel Perrucci DRUMMER Zack Perez PRODUCER & DIRECTOR Dan Morales LIGHTING DIRECTOR Joey D'Andrea LIGHTING ASSISTANT Fabby Prescott AUDIO ENGINEER ASSISTANTS Caroline Frey Cayla Ingram PRODUCTION DESIGNER Mark Carchidi Matthew Poalillo PRODUCTION DESIGN ASSISTANT Fabby Prescott

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